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HeWe Eats

Being a student can be hard.


To ensure Sauder students are taking care of their health, we provide berry-delicious 🍓 monthly free meals to students

IG Chipotle Reveal.png

Previous HeWe Eats Partners

Exam Care Packages

We know how difficult exam season can be. 

That is why Sauder HeWe provides Exam Care Packages (ECP's) to students every exam season. 

Looking for a cute new tote bag? Need energy drinks and a snacks for your late-night study session? - we've got you!

You are a soup-er 🍲 star!

Mental Wellness Sticker Campaign

Do you loaf 🍞 stickers?


We are partnering with Coast Mental Health Foundation

to expand our impact beyond just UBC Sauder.


100% of profits made from our stickers will be donated to Coast Mental Health Foundation. 

An egg-cellent 🥚 cause and a grape 🍇 looking sticker!


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