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It’s thyme for #HeWeMWM!!! 
This week we have our first community feature: The Youth Mental Health Association!

[Who Are They]
The Youth Mental Health Association (YMHA) is a for youth, by youth, non-profit organization that aims to destigmatize mental health by empowering youth to become innovative leaders within the mental health sector.

[What Do They Do]
YMHA is composed of four committees: Project Development, Media, External Relations, and The Mental Health Network. In Project Development, members take the hands-on approach to addressing problems in the mental health sector by designing, developing, and delivering different projects, events and programs. Through Media and External Relations, youth shape and maintain the brand, relationships, and finances of YMHA. Last but not least, in order to help unite the voices of youth around the country, members of the Mental Health Network connect with youth leaders, and aid and support them in setting up their own mental health “hubs”.

[How Can I Get Involved]
For a more detailed eggs-planation of YMHA: