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  • #HeWeMWM is soup-er egg-cited to share our next community feature: UBC Mental Health Awareness Club!

    Who They Are:
    The UBC Mental Health Awareness Club (or UBC MHAC) is a group that provides the opportunity to discuss and promote mental health awareness throughout the UBC campus and community. Their aims are to eliminate the stigma around mental illness, and to create an environment where students, staff and faculty members can discuss and learn about mental health together.

    What They Do:
    UBC MHAC hosts many different educational and fun events. The events vary from lecture-based events, such as their Speaker Series, to hands-on learning workshops like Art Therapy and Project Paws (formerly Pet Visits). When & How To Contact Them:
    Reach out to learn more about what resources are available, and to discuss more about UBC MHAC’s experience with the resources on campus. Executives, though not trained to give out health advice, are familiar with the different clubs and resources on campus so that when approached, they can guide students to what they need.
    - Website 
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    - Email:
    - Office Hours: Wednesday 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM, AMS Nest Room 3302G
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