First HeWe Eats of 2017

You know what's up Sauder! We believe you if you tell us that you have been waiting for this day the entire winter break.

Time to clean out those palates with some simply delicious yet nutritious flavours. Truffles Fine Foods and Catering is back with storm, so keep your eyes 'peeled' for what's on the menu. 

Just to remind you here, bring your reusable container and cutlery and your student ID (with CUS sticker!). 

See you at the front of the line. 

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5:00pm 5:00pm

HeWe x Nourish Presents: Cooking School

We know you included "healthy-eating" as one of your top New Years Resolutions, and we are here to help you combat those spontaneous late night cravings. 

No more chips, no more instant noodles. HeWe has collaborated with Nourish Cafe & Cooking School to bring you an exclusive four-course vegan-friendly lesson to help you master your hidden chef moves. 

Featuring a Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese station, we made sure that your taste buds will leave happy. 

"Sounds good. How do I get on this?"

Tickets: $15/person (Sorry, Sauder students only!) 

Limited spots, so reserve yours NOW: https://goo.gl/Vda7ae

No refunds, transfers ONLY. 


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to Jan 9

Sauder Health and Wellness is Hiring!

Drumroll... Our Product Fam is looking for one internet-saavy VP Social Engagement and two ‘fruitful’ Health Ambassadors to complete the squad.

Trust us, you don’t have to be a body builder nor a plant-based foodie to have fun with us.

If you want to live and empower a healthy lifestyle, we want to pear from you! 

»» Appley now! »»

→ Check out the Hiring Package here: [https://goo.gl/nhcK1x]

→ Also fill out the Application Form here: [https://goo.gl/5T7nrI]

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HeWe Exam Care Packages x Yoghurt Parfait

Tis the season when our life is filled papers and note-taking again. Romaine calm, Sauder. All is well. Cause we are back again with our Exam Care Packages and Yogurt Parfait!

Dat’s right, we’ve got a whole lotta healthy, loving, and de-stressing goodies from our kaler sponsors to help you with the finals grind:

❄ Yogurt from Olympic Dairy
❄ Granola bars from Nature's Path Organic Foods
❄ Energy bars from SoLo Energy Bar
❄ Chocolate Squares from Camino Amigos
❄ Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods
❄ Coconut Water from Elimento Market Online
❄ Tea bags from The Secret Garden Tea Company and Murchie's Tea & Coffee
❄ And more...

Save the date and come out to CPA Hall to get yourself a healthy fix of yogurt and care packages loaded with #HeWeLove.

Lettuce put a parfait end to the term and kale all those exams.

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Last HeWe Eats of the Term

Truffles Food and Catering has done their magic again. Together, we are bringing you warm and hearty dishes to combat this 'chili' weather.

Make sure you come sleighing in your best Christmas sweaters because this Thursday will be our LAST HEWE EATS of the term. Sad we know, but don’t fret! We’ll be back next semester with more love and more food for ya ♥

☞ What You Need:
[✔] REUSABLE container & cutlery. Paper/takeout boxes will NOT be accepted. Let’s keep it green, keep it clean. 
[✔] You must be a SAUDER STUDENT. You will need to show us either your SSC schedule or your UBC student card with a CUS sticker
[✔] Donations are greatly appreciated as they go towards funding future HeWe Eats.

☞ Please Note:
▪ Food is first come, first serve but don’t worry lines move quickly.
▪ Vegan and Gluten-Free options are available

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6:00pm 6:00pm

HeWe Buddha Bowl Workshop

Join HeWe and Laurence from Heka Hollistic Nutrition to build your very own Buddha Bowl using fresh and satisfying ingredients.

You may ask, what is a Buddha Bowl? 
✔ A hearty dish served with various raw or roasted greens, beans, and a flavourful salad dressing over your choice of grains! 

To make the night even 'butter', expect surprises from Happy Water, Libre Tea, and the Green Moustache West 4th. 

Sounds like a sick plan, how do I jump on it? 
✔ Reserve your spot on this page starting Monday, November 7th @9pm with a refundable $5 deposit on Rezgo. Spots are limited, and they go fast!
LINK: http://bit.ly/2eyj2sr

You will be getting your dollars back AFTER the event! 
☞ Share with us down below what your favourite toppings are and tag us at @sauderhewe to show us that #HeWeLove

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HeWe Eats | October Community Lunch

Before you know it, we are serving up a storm again in the CPA Hall. 

What you will need: 

  1. Your reusable container. Yes, that means no Qoola cups! 
  2. Any donations at your discretion! 
  3. Show us that you are a Sauder student. Your student ID with your CUS sticker or your schedule in the UBC SSC will do the trick! 

We know that we will be seeing you at the front of the line. 


**More details can be found on our Facebook page. Link is coming soon** 

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5:00pm 5:00pm

Squats n' Smoothies

Still recovering from all the beer at POITS? No worries. Sauder Sports & Sauder Health & Wellness (HeWe) are teaming up this Thursday to get you movin' and feelin' awesome.

Come get sweaty at Sauder Sports' BOOTCAMP class, and treat your body after to a FRESH DIY SMOOTHIE with the HeWe fam.

We know your quads will burn, so we'll also offer plant-based ingredients to fuel yo muscles.

Oh...and did we mention all of this is FREE? You bet.

See you there!

[Vegan, dairy, & nut-free smoothie ingredients will be available.]

More information can be found here: https://goo.gl/9nNnmk

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HeWe Eats | First Community Lunch of New Term!

No need to thank us but that's right - we are back with our signature event, monthly community lunch! 

Want to chow down on a healthy, filling meal provided by our amazing catering? Get our reusable container ready and jump in the line (or get your friends to save you a spot)!

Any donations is welcome and if you may, bring your student ID with your CUS stickers on top! 

We know that we will be seeing your beautiful, hungry faces soon. 


**More details can be found at: https://goo.gl/gu8uXM** 


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5:00pm 5:00pm

HeWe x BizWeek DIY Succulent Gardens

Aloe my!

It’s only been a week into the new semester, but we know you’re already looking for that breath-of-fresh-air and a way to let loose. Lucky for you, UBC Business Week and us are bringing you a full night of food, fun and ferns!

Join us at DIY Succulent Gardens & unleash that inner green thumb by building your own terrarium – it’ll be the perfect little thing to spice up your humble abode. That being said, we’ve done the dirty work for you already (literally)! No personal supplies needed, just ready to get your hands dirty.

∆ What ∆

• DIY your own terrarium-succulents galore!

• Grab some super-sized burritos from Caveman Cafe 

• Chitchat about the upcoming year over a hot cup of Libre Tea

∆ When ∆

Tuesday, September 13th from 5:30pm-7:00pm

∆ Where ∆

CPA Hall

∆ Cost ∆


∆ RSVP ∆

Link: TBD


**Spots are limited + First come first serve = Sign up now!**

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to Sep 15

HeWe is Hiring Health Ambassadors!

It is that time of the year. With the commencement of a new academic term on September 6, our team is thrilled to bring you endless laughter and fun through our creative events. 

However... We will need YOUR enthusiasm, YOUR knowledge, and YOUR drive to make our dream happen. If you are looking for friends who go nuts over healthy noms, work buddies who crack random food puns, and simply a family who wants to improve our community - check out the information below!


Q: What is HeWe?

→ A: [Insert mission statement]

Q: What is a Health Ambassador?

→ A: You’re the face of HeWe! Someone who will rep the yellow lemon with pride.

→ A: An individual passionate about growing their community and giving back.

→ A: Anyone who believes in a healthy and positive lifestyle

→ A: You are a team player that is down to get sweaty with us.

Q: What will I do as a health ambassador?

→ A: Read the job description here! [Insert link to the hiring package]

Q: How to apply?

→ A: ➀ Fill out this Google Form: [ Show us who you are! ]

         ➁ Brush up your resume + send it to cecilia.wu@cus.ca and angela.liu@cus.ca!


**Applications due on September 15 at 11:59PM**


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