we are a student service with a mission of

improving our community's health and wellbeing.


Photography courtesy of CUS Visual Media.


Warm, hearty meal to

warm the soul


As part of our mission to take care of the Sauder community, we launched monthly HeWe Eats with the vision of providing a warm, hearty, and nutritious meal for on-the-go students who often don't have access to healthier options on campus.

For a small donation, each student receives a full meal, complete with appetizers and dessert! We also love being sustainable, so we encourage our students to bring their own reusable containers and cutlery.


Singing Our Stress Away!

Everyone loves to be a super star once in a while! Our Karaoke Night aims to do just that and more!

With a relaxing atmosphere, healthy food and drinks, and amazing company, we aim to help students bond and relieve stress through music.

This event is completely free for all Sauder students, made possible thanks to our partners SISA, RISE Kombucha, Happy Water, and DAVIDs TEA!



Relieve Stress with

the Stroke of a Brush


Our Paint Night aims to help students bond and de-stress through a chill evening of creative expression.

Regardless of whether you're a Picasso or a complete beginner, the idea is simply to have fun. We provide the canvas, paint, and tea - students just bring their creativity and laughter!


Exams stressing you out? Never fear, HeWe's here


We love giving back to our students, especially during stressful exam periods! Our lovely exam care packages provide our students with positive motivation, healthy snacks, and wellness goodies such as:

• Healthy bars from Nature’s Path, Lara Bar, and KIND
• 2-week memberships to Gold’s Gym
• Soothing tea from Wize Monkey
• Delicious granola packs from Granola Girl
• Essential oil roll-ons and lip moisturizers from Scentuals
• Hand-written motivational notes from the HeWe team!

Come get yours during the exam period!


What Mom Didn't Teach You


Being healthy isn’t just about eating healthy and staying active, but also having a healthy mindset! That’s why we host various workshops throughout the year to equip students with vital health knowledge.

From mindful eating to nutritional myth-busting, we cover topics that university students need to know about. Special thanks to our sponsors Freshprep, NutriFoodie, and Oollo Tea!


A Match made in Heaven


Nothing feels better than a sweat sesh followed by fresh smoothies! We got nice n' sweaty with Sauder Sports in a bootcamp class, then treated our burning quads to smoothies with Organika plant-based protein. HeWe loves inspiring Sauderites to get movin' and feeling awesome!