Wild Rice

Restaurant Spotlight: Wild Rice Market Bistro

This post is written by our sassy HeWe ambassador, Angela Liu.

Just a day after an epic Chinese New Year feast, my dad and I were cruisin' down the New Westminster's River market, hoping that the light afternoon walk would help us digest the food we had the day before. But as luck would have it, we found Wild Rice Market Bistro instead! So, continue our walk or indulge in delicious food? 

Obviously we went in. (There wasn't much resistance from either of us to begin with... )

Wild Rice offers an Asian Fusion style menu which features a variety of revamped and chic Chinese dishes that shed a whole new light on the Chinese cuisine we think we knew. From their crispy wonton tacos to their vegan "butter chicken" to their callebaut chocolate pudding, Wild Rice is far from your average Chinese takeout!

Curried Steamed Buns [V] : These homemade buns get a nontraditional twist with Wild Rice's yellow coconut curry slow-cooked root vegetable filling that is complemented with a side of sweet and spicy sauce and an Italian-inspired vegan pesto. The hot and fluffy buns come straight out of the steamer to your table so watch out for that creamy filling... it might just ooze right into your mouth at the first bite! Don't say I didn't warn you..

Vegan “Butter Chicken” [V] : The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of vegetarian/vegan-friendly dishes and this Chinese-Indian "butter chicken" definitely tops the list. Perfectly cooked organic coconut cream with tofu, potato and carrots, you'll definitely finish off the bowl of cilantro jasmine rice that comes with the dish. Did I mention they top it off with with their homemade pickled sweet 'n sour onions? Ohhh and flatbread... What's butter chicken without flatbread?

Spicy “Chicken” Kung Po [V] : If I haven't convinced you yet that this restaurant is worth a try, this dish will do the trick! Al dente rice noodles, smokey grilled tofu, fresh seasonal stir-fried vegetables, all smothered in a tangy yet savoury mix of rich coconut sauce and Ketjap Manis (Indonesian soy sauce), the noodle was divine. Sprinkled with spiced and twice-roasted peanuts... sorry mom, but Wild Rice knows it best when it comes to mastering the ultimate "chicken" kung po! (Still love you though <3)

P.S: Spicy “Chicken” Kung Po is 25% off on Mondays, you are welcome! ;)

More food pictures because... why not!

Okay, final shot at convincing you... 

Here are some of their "omg-this-is-so-good-it-can't-be-real" desserts that you have to try: 

  1. Gluten Free Chocolate Cake [V,G] : chocolate sauce and tre galli vegan vanilla ice cream
  2. Crispy Apple Dumplings [V] : dusted with cinnamon sugar, caramel drizzle and vegan ice cream
  3. Callebaut Chocolate Pudding [V,G] : with chocolate base and red wine poached pears
  4. Sticky Toffee Pudding : served traditionally with butterscotch sauce and tre galli vanilla ice cream
  5. Not a dessert but this restaurant uses local oceanwise ingredients in their food so... what are you waiting for?!


[V] : Vegan

[G] : Gluten-free


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Wild Rice Market Bistro

Address:  810 Quayside Dr. New West
Phone number: (778)397-0028
Website: http://wildricebc.ca/
Price Range: $15-$25/person
Special Items: Pork and Shrimp Dumplings, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Potstickers, Curried Steamed Buns