8 Things You Don’t Know about HeWe

You’ve seen our cute lemon logo.  You’ve smiled at our fruit puns.  You’ve enjoyed our HeWe Eats community lunches.  So what else is there that you don’t know about us?

1.  We are a SERVICE under the student engagement portfolio of the Commerce Undergraduate Society of Sauder School of Business.  Every student in the faculty is automatically considered a member, and is eligible to participate in all of our events for free (unless otherwise stated).

2.  Our logo was originally going to be a kiwi since kiwi rhymes with HeWe. Kiwis are also nice and green, with loads of health benefits. However, we decided that green is an overused colour, and kiwis' brown, hairy, seedy appearance does not look too appealing as a logo.

3.  We ended up choosing a lemon for our logo because of its many health benefits and its eye-catching, vibrant, happy yellow colour.

4.  Our team of executives and ambassadors consists of international students, exchange students and non-Sauderites, specifically from the Land and Food Systems faculty.  They’re all berry amazing.  We love the diversity in our team!

5.  That said, our executive team is also full of experienced CUS ninjas. For example:

  • Joanna was CUS Human Resources Director
  • Linette was CUS Corporate Relations Director 
  • Joey is Imprint Co-Chair
  • Alexis was Yearbook Chair
  • Wendy was CUS AVP Marketing
  • Michael was Imprint VP Marketing
  • Leon & Emily were Grad Night Chair & Vice Chair

6.  Not everyone of us is super healthy 24/7.  We're normal human beings.  We may bump into each other at the gym, but we also eat our brownies and enjoy "unhealthy" pleasures too. 

7.  #choosehealthy is trending.  So many people came to ask for our lemon sticker swags that we had to order more (props to Alexis, our amazing VP Visual Design)!

8.  Our lemon mascot once hiked and conquered The Chief (on our VP Logistics Michael’s back), and almost got blown off the cliff.  


And there you go, 8 things you didn't know about HeWe.  Thank you so much for checking out our first ever blog post to get to know us better.  Be sure to drop by every week for a new blog post! 😄