TREAT YO SELF - Best Cafés to Relax and Study at

           Not sure about anyone else, but I always have the munchies when I study: candy, chocolates, and – on occasion – cake or any other type of pastry (along with a nice bowl of instant noodles if it’s late into the night). For now, I’ll hold back on mentioning cheap eats and snack foods and stick to freshly baked goods.

            I’m almost never alone when café-hopping, and I recommend going with a friend (mainly to order more food). My best friend in UBC’s LFS faculty always keeps up with the next trend or hole-in-the-wall shack to study or eat at. Now let’s get started on my favourite places to go!


1. Breka Bakery


           One of the best places to study is Breka – if you can find a seat that is. This 24/7 café offers a wide range of desserts and savoury treats to satisfy any and all appetites. For a refreshing bite to motivate you to study, the mango passionfruit mousse is a tiny cake that packs a nice punch. If you want a good post-studying treat, the filled donuts are inexpensive desserts that are delicious and a great way to spend under $2.00. I think your only dilemma when going to Breka is trying to choose which of their desserts you want to try. With three locations in Vancouver, you’ll know why people love to study or relax in this café.



2. Pappa Roti

    My absolute favourite place for coffee buns. Free wi-fi, a good number of tables, and delicious desserts and drinks? Count me in! I can’t deny how amazing “The Classic” coffee bun is: Nutella, banana, with a bun that’s crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. I can’t recall the hours I’ve spent studying here as it is also near numerous restaurants if you’re hungry and want a long break to eat. Pappa Roti is my go-to place in downtown if Breka (the location off Robson) is busy and it’s generally a quieter location as well.


3. 49th Parallel Café & Lucky's Doughnuts


To be honest, I went here for the first time last week (sorry that my only photo is actually from studying). I had heard about this place for the longest time, and what better excuse to go than to study for an exam! Between my friend and I, we bought two doughnuts: the original sourdoughnut and the cinnamon sugar old fashioned doughnut – both were fantastic. If you enjoy the yeast doughnuts from Cartems, the sourdoughnut is similar in texture and comes with a couple different glazes on top. Price-wise, the best deal would either be their coffee + doughnut combo or their tea of the day + doughnut combo. I had their cold brew iced tea which was a black tea that was naturally sweetened with stevia. As someone who doesn’t enjoy their teas super sweet, 49th Parallel’s cold brew iced tea is quite sweet when you first sip it, but it follows with a nice refreshing taste.


Sidenote: Waves Coffee (Lynn Valley location)

A perfect place in the quiet suburbs of North Vancouver; the Lynn Valley location has some of the comfiest chairs and sofas to relax on. The area is perfect as it’s close enough to Lynn Canyon if you ever need an outdoor break from studying – or an excuse to take a new Instagram photo! Though the location is far from UBC and is part of a chain, the Lynn Valley location is a place that is worth it to go study and relax at. Favourite drinks to try are any of their frappes, their matcha latte, or their Belgium hot chocolate. If this place is busy, Lynn Valley is home to Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, and Delaney’s within a couple minutes of each other.