HeWe Mo-mints at Thrive 2018

Hey Sauder!

We hope you all had a wonder-pho-l Thrive Week last week! The HeWe lemon fam was out in full force to help everyone celebrate and promote wellness. It was grape to see everyone active and spreading positive vibes; if you missed anything, keep reading to see how HeWe Thrived!:


HeWe Thrive Booth

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HeWe Convention

HeWe Thrive Booth

Right to left: Rizki (CEA), Ricky (Health Ambassador), Julia (Health Ambassador)

Right to left: Rizki (CEA), Ricky (Health Ambassador), Julia (Health Ambassador)

The lemon fam put together a week long wellness booth! From Monday to Thursday, students were able to come grab a refreshing lemonade, HeWe stickers, and write in prepared fruit cards to spread positivitea to friends and family. Students were also able to learn more about HeWe’s wellness initiatives for the year, such as the HeWe Convention that is happening on November 17th (see below for details!). On Monday, the Commerce Engagement Ambassadors joined us to put on a Thrive or Treat event where students could pick up some Thrive goodies, a healthy snack, or a sweet treat!

Thrive Social Media Posts

Health Ambassador Spotlight

All week long, our health ambassadors explored the various relaxation spots around UBC. Check out where they went!

#1 - Denise

First up, follow Denise Huang to UBC's very own traditional Japanese Tea and Stroll Garden: Nitobe Memorial Garden!
Considered as one of the most authentic Japanese gardens in North America, Nitobe Garden is the perfect place for students to take a walk and get away from the stress of daily life. The Garden is a harmonic representation of nature, with references to Japanese philosophy and mythology so donut hesitate to catch a break and take a stroll to reflect and discover its hidden secrets!

Location: 1895 Lower Mall, Vancouver. (Very close to the Vanier Residence and UBC Asian Centre)
Hours: Monday - Sunday from 10:00AM to 4:30PM
Price: FREE for all UBC students!


#2 - Julia & Tristan

While we're on gardens, our Health Ambassadors Tristan Dong and Julia Pascual did not forget to check out UBC's famous Rose Garden!
As the one of the most popular destinations on campus, UBC Rose Garden is not just a place, it's an experience. Temporarily forget all those assignments and overload your senses with the queen of flowers; with more than a dozen different species of roses, come to take in all the dazzling colours, smells, fragrances and textures that the Garden has to offer along with a dramatically panoramic mountain view and refreshing ocean breeze!

Location: 6301 Crescent Rd, Vancouver. (Keep walking down Main Mall!)
Hours: 24/7
Price: FREE for everyone

Julia _ Tristan.jpg

#3 - Vivian

Feeling energetic and adventurous? Take a long, long walk with our lovely Health Ambassador Vivian Mak 🍋 down to UBC's famous Wreck Beach 🏖️
Wreck Beach is a local favourite. Stretching 7.8km along the coast, it is well known for its raw natural beauty with a hippie-esque vibe. Grab your jacket and some friends (bring a guitar if you feel like it) to come down and absorb all that vitamin sea and sing your hearts out at the waves ;)Wreck Beach is a perfect spot if you want a long stroll and look at the epic scene of the sun plunging down into the ocean at sunset.

Location: Edge of UBC, with multiple trails leading down to the beach. It is very close to Place Vanier's tennis court.
Note: Keep in mind that Wreck Beach is an optional clothing beach (one of the best ones in fact!).


#4 - Louie

Did you know we have the skeleton of Canada's largest blue whale on campus? Yep. We do, no kidding 😮
Turn on your discovery mode and follow Health Ambassador Louie Weng to UBC's Beaty Biodiversity Museum for an engrossing time of exploration into the history of nature. The Beaty Biodiversity Museum houses over 2 MILLION specimens, collected over a century since the 1910s; it also has its own theatre as well as tons of exhibitions and activities throughout the year. This is the perfect spot for anyone who wants to satisfy their curiosities or simply just to be in awe of the magnificence of the blue whale skeleton 🐋

Location: 2212 Main Mall, Vancouver (It is along main mall, you can't miss it!)
Price: Free for students!
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10AM to 5PM (closed Mondays)


#5 - Rachel

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum has piqued your interest? Wanna visit even more museums? Donut worry because Rachel Chin is here to take you to one of the best museums in Vancouver: The Museum of Anthropology!
Seen on most of UBC brochures, the MOA is a must go destination if you have step foot on campus. The MOA is renowned for its finest displays of Northwest Coast First Nations arts and also arts from around the world.
Spend your afternoon getting lost in the spectacularly designed building overlooking the mountains and ocean. Marvel at the magnificent weavings, carving and contemporary artwork in a wide range of special exhibitions (with 50,000 ethnographic objects, as well as 535,000 archaeological objects in the building, you'll never get bored) then grab a cup of coffee at the Café MOA to end your enlightening and relaxing visit!

Location: 6393 NW Marine Dr, Vancouver. (It is across the street from the UBC Rose Garden)
Price: Free for UBC students!
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10AM - 5PM (Closed Mondays)


#6 - Kelly

Want to hit the gym for a reinvigorating workout? Come to the ARC Fitness Centre to see our Health Ambassador Kelly Huang and she will help you out!
The ARC fitness centre is the newly opened gym in the UBC Life Building (formerly the old Student Union Building). With 8000 sq. ft of fitness centre (including cardio machines, strength training equipment, etc...) and multi-purpose studio space, this is the perfect spot for quick or heavy workouts. The facility also includes personal training spaces, various drop in sessions and universal change room facilities!

Location: UBC Life Building, 6000 Student Union Boulevard, Vancouver.
Mon – Thu 6:30am – 10:00pm
Friday 6:30am – 9:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 7:00pm
Rates: $35/term.


#7 - Ricky

Our Health Ambassador Ricky Lay's favourite spot to chill has got be the UBC Aquatic Centre. Opened in January 2017, the brand new facility has everything a student wants from an Aquatic Centre, from athletic or competitive training to leisure needs. A quick drop in, and you will find yourself looking at a 25 metre recreational pool, a 50 metre competition pool, and a 34-person hot tub 🤩 Oh and did we mention the facilities also include a lazy river, steam room and sauna? Yep. Go. Now.

Location: 6080 Student Union Blvd, Vancouver. (Right next to the bus loop and UBC Life Building)
Rates: FREE for UBC students!
Monday to Thursday: 6:30AM - 9:30PM
Friday: 6:30AM - 9PM
Saturday and Sunday: 8AM - 9PM


#8 - Tiffany

The UBC Aquatic Centre is not the only place on campus where you can stretch your limbs ;) Did you know that UBC has a state of the art climbing wall? Come with Tiffany Yeh to check out The Aviary!
Nicely tucked into the corner of the 2nd floor of the Nest, the 3-story-tall everything you would expect from a climbing space, and better. The Aviary welcomes both new and experienced climbers with an array of different training tools to suit everyone! With over 30 routes, top roping, lead climbing, etc... The Avery is the place to be if you need an adrenaline rush ;)

Location: The Nest - 2nd floor
Hours and Price: Because it changes, check out The Aviary website for more info: https://ubc-aviary.com


Executive Instagram Stories

Throughout the week, the execs shared snippets of what working with wellness means to them on our Instagram story! Check them out below:

HeWe Convention


HeWe’s first ever convention, Working with Wellness, is happening on Saturday, November 17th! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE NOW before they’re gone on Nov. 15th.

Date: November 17, 2018
Time: 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Location: UBC LIFE Building

🍋 What we will be offering:
⭐️ De-stresser Workshops (Yoga and Smoothies, Terrarium Making, Healthy Cooking, & Meditation and Tea)
⭐️ Keynote & Panel
⭐️ Catered Lunch

Get tickets here: https://www.showpass.com/working-with-wellness/

If you have any questions, peas e-mail us at sauderhealthandwellness@cus.ca and we’d be happy to answer. Carrot wait to see you there!

That’s a Wrap!

Thank you berry matcha for helping us make Thrive Week a success! Peas keep an eye out for more blog posts and HeWe updates :)


Taryn, VP Mental Wellness