It's A Blue-tiful Life Returns: MWM Updates

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It’s Taryn — back again as your VP Mental Wellness!

This year, Mental Wellness Mondays may look a little different. I was extremely proud of myself for keeping up weekly posts last year during its premier run, but I’ve found that things are a lot busier this year. While there are a lot of exciting things cooking right now, it unfortunately means that I have been unable to keep up the weekly posts. However, the silver lining here may be that when there is something worth posting, I will have a lot more time to prepare a high quality post for you all to enjoy! Additionally, I would like some feedback about the things I have posted, and I’d love to hear some ideas that you may have for Mental Wellness Mondays going forward.

If you have any ideas or feedback, please drop me a line in this short Google Form! Don’t worry, you can remain anonymous.

Feedback Form:

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! Tag someone you’re thank-pho-l for on our Thanksgiving post.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!

With love,

Taryn, VP Mental Wellness