Let's be real here.

Being a student at UBC can be tough.


For many of us, food is a source of comfort and a symbol of happiness. Both of us live on campus, and we hate to admit, but sometimes we need a break from cafeteria food (No offence).


We went on a quest to search for delicious, quick, comforting, AND healthy local food in Vancouver, which is how we discovered Tractor Foods. With their mission of providing ‘Everyday Healthy Foods’, we knew we had to try it out.

Walking into the restaurant, we were instantly welcomed by the colourful array of salads on display. The layout of Tractor Foods reminded us of a cafeteria, so it was very welcoming, simple, and easy to follow.


Tractor has a great ‘a la carte’ system that allows you to pick and choose different items from their menu, and combine them to create your customized meal. If you come in the morning, they have a completely different breakfast menu (available at their Downtown and Robson Street locations).


There were at least 10 different salads to choose from, and each unique salad is priced at only $3.50 per serving, making us struggle to make our choice.  After letting a couple regulars pass us in line, we finally walked up to the counter to make our order.


Our Choices for the Night!


  • Mushroom Ditalini-$3.50

    • Wild mushrooms, ditalini pasta, truffled ricotta cheese, fresh herbs, white balsamic dressing

  • Quinoa, Kale, Berries-$3.50

    • Organic red and white quinoa, kale, roasted squash, blueberries, fresh basil

  • Albacore tuna steak with lemon-$9 for 4 oz

  • Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup-$6

  • Housemade Lemonade-$3


Being a self-serve style, we ordered and paid for our food at the counter. After getting our waters and utensils from the side bar we grabbed our seats.


In no time, dinner was served! The salads were crafted with such thoughtful combination of textures and flavours. The truffled ricotta cheese added a heavenly creaminess and a punch of flavour to the Mushroom Ditalini. The white balsamic vinegar cut through the creaminess to lift the flavours even more.


The Quinoa Kale and Berries is a staple salad that you must try. The varying texture and chew from the quinoa, the creaminess of the squash paired with the sweet berries, and aroma of the basil, need I say more. We paired our salads with the seared tuna and the hearty lentil soup. Each dish truly let all its ingredients shine. Such harmonious combination can be only found in the HeWe Fruit Family.


Now we HAVE to talk about that lemonade- it really embodied the saying ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,' but instead, make sure you get it from Tractor.


With such lovely food and good company we totally lost track of time and the stresses of school. Finishing the last sip from our lemonade, we walked out of Tractor refreshed and recharged!


If you are ever in need to get off campus and fuel the body and soul with some quality and nutritious food, give Tractor a visit! The quick and friendly service and the deliciously healthy food cannot be beat! We will definitely be coming back for more another day, but maybe next time we’ll try a grilled avocado or their thai veggie stew! The choices are nearly endless, and each visit can be totally unique and different!