10 Minute Vegan Recipes: Jamie Boyle

photo by  @areyoudaniel

photo by @areyoudaniel

A travel addict. An unconventional fashionista. An active adventurer. And a true vegan food lover. On the weekends, you may find her tackling the wilderness with her dearest friends, or brunching up a storm in the heart of Vancouver Gastown. The truth is, you will never know where she is. 

We wanted to learn how she manages to runs the miles, juggles between her academic and extracurricular commitments, yet brings us heart-warming smiles everyday. We got close with her, our Health Ambassador Jamie Boyle. 

photo by  Kasey Boyle

photo by Kasey Boyle

"I have always loved food, and I know I always will. Although by no means am I a chef,  I still want to share my dearest recipes with you. "


To kick things off first, here’s a peek of my kitchen staples: 

  • Spinach
  • Soy sauce/tamari, sesame oil, chilli flakes/powder/sauce, and Chinese 5 spice
  • Grains
  • Proteins
  • Bananas
  • Frozen blueberries

Breakfast:smoothie/fruit salad/chia pudding

photo by  @kaseyboyle

photo by @kaseyboyle

If I’m off to the gym first thing in the morning, I prep the night before to make sure I bring something to eat after my workout. 

Before the gym, I usually just grab 1-2 bananas as I head out the door. 

After the gym, I snack on my chia seed pudding on the bus ride to school. 

On the off-days when I am not in a rush to get anywhere, I’ll head home and whip up some oatmeal and a smoothie.


MY SECRET TIP WITH OATMEAL: bananas + almond butter 

Put your bananas in the oatmeal before you heat it up either on the stove or in the microwave. This way, there is no need to add extra sugar as the banana melts all over your oatmeal and basically caramelizes it, acting as a natural sweetener. Also, add a spoonful of almond butter, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and some raisins to make a super healthy cake-like oatmeal.


I imagine most of you hating paying for overpriced food on campus just like I do. Since my middle school days, the easiest solution became making my own lunch the night before!  My go-to’s are either a wrap, a salad, or leftovers, which all take under 10 minutes to prepare. 

My favourite wrap: toast up a whole wheat wrap in the microwave for 30 seconds, slather on some hummus, add some chopped lettuce, cucumber, avocado, sprouts, and a protein, I usually go with either tofu or "tofurkey." Add some basil or rosemary for some extra flavour.

photo by  @kaseyboyle

photo by @kaseyboyle

Dinner:tofu/greens mix/quinoa

photo by  @ryleeboyle

photo by @ryleeboyle

My sister Rylee loves to cook, and it has become a daily stress-relief session to cook together after we get home at the same time. 

We always make sure we have a grain - usually quinoa, so we pop that on the stove while we sort out the rest of dinner. It is likely that there will be a ton of veggies and my favourite proteins. 





My favourite way to cook tofu: Panfried with soy sauce

Start off with some firm tofu, drain the water and cut into long sticks. Then in a larger bowl, mix together some soy sauce, sesame oil, Chinese 5 spice, chilli powder, and garlic. Dip and ensure the whole tofu is coated in the marinade. Leave the pieces to soak in the marinade for a bit. Heat up a non-stick pan with a dash of sesame oil, and fry the tofu sticks till golden brown/crispy, making sure all sides are cooked (add the extra marinade onwhile they cook). This method is great for salads, wraps, or just to eat on its own!

Now for the veggies: mushrooms, spinach, and green beans.


Alternatively, we make the handiest carrot ginger soup: 

  • a 2 lbs bag of carrots
  • one onion
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • vegetable stock (1 carton & a half)
  • garnish- rosemary, salt, pepper

Add a dash of olive oil to your soup pot, fry up the minced garlic till it is fragrant, then add the chopped onion. Once the onion becomes soft and almost translucent, add in the one and a half cartons of vegetable stock. Next, add in the peeled and chopped carrots. Bring all this to a boil, add in salt, pepper, and rosemary to taste. Keep cooking until the carrots become soft, then remove from heat and transfer to a blender. Blend it all up till smooth. Serve while hot. 


photo by  @kaseyboyle

photo by @kaseyboyle

Desserts & snacks: 

Besides snacking on dates with almond butter, frozen blueberries, and raisins, I always love some banana ice cream! 

In a blender, blend together 3 frozen bananas, some soy milk, and a teaspoon of cocoa powder. The creamy texture will just melt in your mouth! 


We hope you enjoy the recipes as much as Jamie does. Tag Jamie on Instagram at @jamibo and use the hashtags #HeWeLove and #ChooseHealthy if you give those a try! 

photo by  @ryleeboyle

photo by @ryleeboyle