Camino Hot Chocolate

For me, hot cocoa is synonymous with the holidays. When I think of Hot Cocoa, I think of sitting in front of the fire with my hot cup of cocoa in one hand and a good book in the other hand (at the end of the semester, anything that isn’t a textbook is a good book to me).

Or going out with friends, Christmas music playing in the far distance (preferably Michael Buble’s Christmas album as it it’s the best Christmas album ever made), and catching up over a cup of cup of hot cocoa.

The great thing about Camino Hot Cocoa is that their hot coca powder is vegan friendly. So whatever dietary restrictions you have, you can still enjoy it. Not to mention that their hot cocoa is fair trade and organic. They are part of the locally source movement that supports equitable trade in order to foster a local and sustainable movement.  At Hewe, hot cocoa that both does good and tastes good is our kind of drink!!

Longing for some hot cocoa? Haven't opened up your package of Camino hot cocoa yet? Well if you were one of the lucky first one hundred people in line to receive a care package with the package of camino hot cocoa then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Personally I love pairing hot cocoa with almond butter (before you judge me for doing this, I swear its not a crime to hot cocoa and it actually tastes amazing).

If you weren't one of the first one hundred people or if you did receive some and still want more, it's really simple to get some more, just go to their website to find a store nearest you (camino hot cocoa is sold at stores such as Safeway, Save-on-foods and more)!!

Not to mention, what's more Canadian than Maple Hot Cocoa? EH