Battling NYR: Renzelle Mendoza

This blog post is brought to you by our Health Ambassador, Renzelle Mendoza.

This blog post is brought to you by our Health Ambassador, Renzelle Mendoza.


On New Years Eve, I spent my night figuring out ways to bring my weight down and my GPA up. One week in, I saw dimmed hope.

Secretly hoarding those guilty chocolate bars that I swore I would never touch again, I (like to) assume many of you struggled just like I did. All my bad habits creeped back. I needed a change in strategy.

Here are the 3 magical tricks that helped me stay on track:


It’s great trying to turn over a new leaf and eliminating things you view negative in your life. Sadly, my New Year’s Resolutions turned into a whole list of “Don’ts.”: saying farewell to chocolate, ice cream or anything that didn’t remotely resemble a vegetable. I was eating lettuce for a straight week.

Dear friends, I turned moody and unresponsive from lack of nutrients.

Today, I stick to my “Do’s.” While I am soda free for 13 days, I still treat myself to chocolate and ice cream. I “Do” try to go meatless on Mondays. I “Do” try to have at least half a plate of greens. Unlike my “Don’ts”, my “Dos” has made me happier and more productive.


While I was trying to lose numbers on the scale, I was attempting to gain them in my GPA.

After two days of intense study, I started to resent my subjects. I could not read another line of the “Gbook”. 

Until I recall the M & M method.

When I was a child, my mom used to bribe me into reading by giving me an M&M for every page I read. Since eating M & Ms are completely contradictory to my first goal of not eating chocolate, I understood what my mom was telling me: reward yourself.

I scheduled one hour breaks to do anything outside of studying. I watched Netflix, went for runs, did more yoga, or even re-organized my fridge. I did everything for an hour as long as it was unrelated to studying. Doing things that made me relaxed got my endorphins going and I found myself staying more productive for my next study session.



People love to tackle “Big, Fat Goals” too quickly. Hence why the lineup for free day lockers at Birdcoop turn into a half an hour queue and disappears by March. New Year’s Resolutions are a “Yearly” thing, not a “first three days of January” thing.

Resolutions are a marathon, not a sprint.

Change takes time, and results take even longer. It is totally fine to take pit stops along the way.

Lastly, you’re pearfect and one in a melon, so show 2017 what you’ve got!


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