Review: Steve Nash Fitness World

This article is brought to you by our co-chair, Emily Chen, and incoming co-chair, Cecilia Wu.


"Dude, we should work out! Like seriously." I looked Cecilia in the eyes, and she gave me a solemn nod. A pinky promise later, we found ourselves at Steve Nash Fitness World.

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Here's our review of 3 different group fitness classes offered there...


Group Class: Athletic Step

I walked in thinking I was the fit sh*t.

Boy, did the class whip my butt. 40 minutes in, I was ready to flee…but HeWe forbid, my pride wouldn't let me. So after enduring 75 minutes of intense cardio, full-body toning, and interval training with weights + ab work, I was more done than I was at last Wednesday's Pit Night. But it felt oh-so-good. I was so hungry I could've eaten a cow...It felt unreal.

Conclusion: If you don't mind getting your butt whipped in a class with people who are older and fitter than you, I'd definitely recommend trying it.


Group Class: Zumba® Toning

Warning: Zumba is addictive. Party at your own risk.

Zumba Toning = dance workout meets weights. As soon as the music came on, the energy in this class exploded. For 60 minutes, I happily flailed my body around while lip-syncing to artists like Shakira and Pitbull. I felt like I was partying on the dance floor...except I was working out! Heck, I didn't even realize I was doing squats and lunges because the moves were just so fun. By the end, my heart was pumping, I was sweating buckets, and I suddenly wanted to salsa. 

Conclusion: Hit up this class regardless of your fitness level if you're looking for an upbeat and fun workout. (p.s. - I heard you can be a klutz and still feel fabulous at Zumba®! #ThatsMe #WhatIsDancing)


Group Class: Power Yoga

Lesson learned: Don't underestimate Power Yoga. 

This hour-long class proved how you can tone and strengthen muscles with sheer body weight and our good ol' friend, gravity. In between poses like cobra and warrior 2, the instructor pushed me to stay strong even when I started wobbling in downward dog. By the end of the class, I felt de-stressed, cleansed, and ready to take on the rest of my day.

Conclusion: Want to take a break from the weights? Want to work on that centre balance? This class is for you. I guarantee you'll come out of this class feeling refreshed!





See you at the gym (we're lookin' at you)!