Spotting the Sauder Saitama: Alan Huang

Photo credits:   CUS Visual Media   | The remaining photos of this blog post are taken by the talented   Shobhit Sahu  .

Photo credits: CUS Visual Media | The remaining photos of this blog post are taken by the talented Shobhit Sahu.

Today, we are bringing the spotlight to our VP Finance & Internal, Alan Huang, aka the Sauder Saitama - the man who eats 5 bananas a day, runs the marathons, and cracks up his accounting jokes in his tutorials.

Why do you have an affinity for Saitama, and why do your friends call you the Sauder version of Saitama?

I have an affinity for Saitama cause he’s the embodiment of "living a simple life." His daily routine involves doing 100 pushups/sit ups/squats, and running 10km. He fights monsters, then goes home to watch TV and play video games. That’s kinda like what I do everyday...except I fight my accounting homework.

Can you tell us how you have reached your fitness level today?

My journey started with floating in the pool. When I was young, I took swimming lessons and later transitioned into club swimming. I swam 1-2 hours/week during the school year and 10 hours/week during the summer. With my fitness improving gradually, I am now able to train about 5-20 hours a week with a combination of running, cycling, swimming, dodgeball, and stretching.

Another key activity is a “lack of activity - rest”! I swear all of my friends go ham for one week doing intense training and then just burn out. What you should do is to train consistently at a moderate intensity, take rest days to heal, and maybe push yourself once or twice a week. Create a schedule that you can maintain even with work and school.

Also, I usually eat 5 small meals a day which add up to over 2500 calories. I don’t count my macro/micronutrients, but I do watch what types of food I’m eating. In my second year, I realized that my body was clogged up from eating dairy and unstable from caffeine, so I decided to avoid both of them. The food you eat dictates how intense your workouts can be and how strong you can become!

At the end of the day, I believe that there are no shortcuts. You gotta put in the time to exercise and eat right. But gradually, your improvement in fitness will come!

What are some of the ways you stay on track alongside your busy lifestyle?


The energy we have each day is finite, and the way that I stay on track is to devote myself to just enough commitments to not spread myself too thin. I also try to recognize opportunities to multitask so as to save time.


For example, I run to my local swimming pool where I coach swimming. This saves time overall because running is only marginally slower than driving, and it also saves me the hassle to spare another block of time for running.


For people preparing to run a marathon, what are some of your pro tips?
  1. Run distances that you’re comfortable with first, then slowly increase the distance in the subsequent runs that you do.
  2. Take it easy. Your heart rate shouldn’t get too high for the most part during your run.
  3. Take a rest day or two or three every week!
  4. During the actual marathon race, eat every half hour to avoid hitting the wall near the end. When I ran my first marathon, I ended up limping to the finish because I didn’t eat anything for the first two hours. 
Any favourite workout gear and post fuel recipes?


I recently bought a pair of ASICS shoes and I feel like I’m running on clouds! I also love wearing the shirts given from running races as they are sweat-wicking and light-weight.


My fave post-workout food is wraps with chicken, lettuce, rice, and avocados. If I forget to pack food, I usually pick up some sushi from the village. 





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